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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Edge Corporation

Edge Corporation is a global leader with an excellent track record for delivering deep expertise and end-to-end solutions that drive value in narrow time frames. Through our expertise and leading-edge disruptive technology solutions, we empower businesses to drive measurable outcomes and become the digital leaders of tomorrow. Throughout the years, we have assisted several companies to build powerful and innovative digital models that accelerate their digital transformation and enterprise development and its timely delivery to the marketplace.

End-to-end quality services by Edge Corporation:


Digital transformation

Remodel your business spectrum to thrive in today’s competitive data-driven world.

Application development

Industry-specific technology experts to develop niche software applications for various domains.

Quality Engineering Practise

Proficient Test/QA team to provide fastest and cost-effective solutions.

How it all started? ( History Overview)

Edge Corporation was founded in 2015 with the initial focus on achieving one goal “ to offer best-in-class ERP solutions like JD Edwards as Oracle Authorised Partner”. From mobility to integration and managed services, we have been offering end-to-end services to our clients and help them drive potential business value. To foster continuous innovation and build strategic partnerships, we have established a strong presence in New Delhi, India, and Dubai.

In order to support government banking sectors and other thriving industries to become more flexible, Edge Corporation took an advanced leap to strengthen its digital transformation services. Over the past couple of years, we have been extending our expertise to clients based in UAE, India, and North America, helping them effectively navigate their digital transformation journey.

Growth Accelerators

Together with you, we strive to leverage emerging technology capabilities to accelerate growth, drive down costs and create strategic objectives to maximize customer experiences.

We believe in creating a new ecosystem that drives digital transformation and generates an incremental return on investments for both the company and our clients.

We bring quality applications into play to unleash the maximum potential of the digital landscape and stimulate innovative concepts for future deliveries.