Quality Engineering Practise Overview

With customer satisfaction being the core of the ever changing digital landscape, ensuring the quality of services and products at every step of your business process is gaining prominence. Adherence to security norms and data compliance standards have entailed organisations to be agile and deliver enhanced quality assurance services.

Edge Corporation’s quality engineering testing and automation provide a robust platform for businesses to kickstart their digital transformation. We conduct extensive testing across all the levels of your business operations while keeping agility and customer experience at the forefront of services.

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Five levels of the Quality Engineering Practise:

For any business, delivering quality services plays a major role in increasing its brand value and sustaining its position in the market. Quality Assurance is a calculated process of testing software products or applications for any bugs or glitches. Our QA consultants put together processes that are well-structured and collaborative to boost your company’s revenue, and enhance the quality of productivity. We promise to deliver quick and simple solutions to intercept challenges that are hindering the growth of your business.

Whether you want to introduce a new product to the market or transform your testing environment, we have the right skills and capabilities to help you achieve these goals. We not only ensure that your products are delivered to the market at a faster pace but are able to deliver an unmatched user experience. We have hands-on experience across a diversified skill set including QA, automation, testing, agile methodologies, and more.

Quality Engineering Practise


Engaging with the clients and conceptualizing ideas for development


Understanding the requirements and analyzing them


Building the product based on the specifications


Verifying the product for quality and norms


Running the tests to identify the bugs and defects

What Edge Corporation delivers?

We provide a 360-degree view of quality to enable continuous product improvement and accelerate the time-to-value proposition. We identify and build competency in emerging testing technologies and methodologies for a well-defined digital transformation.

Our quality engineering teams will be in constant touch with you throughout the development cycle to ensure brilliant outcomes that are in compliance with the standard quality metrics.

We guarantee seamless integration replacing all the manual tasks that eventually lead to improved product quality and also reduces the quality assurance costs.

Achieve optimal business growth with Quality Engineering Practises:

Right from business analysis, software development process and developing strategies, everything has been disrupted by digitization. While the priorities changed, timely delivery, quality and customer satisfaction remained imperative. With our comprehensive knowledge, we diligently work towards supporting your IT infrastructure with our powerful quality engineering framework and enhance your customer service deliverance.

  • Drive better IT products through profound digital assurance services
  • Quality testing across the entire development lifecycle including cloud, mobility, etc.
  • Point-to-point validation throughout the development lifecycle
  • Robust solutions with satisfactory results