How to improve productivity in the IT field

If you search this line on google you will get a thousand results about it. but these are really hard to implement in our daily lives.

As we are too much addicted to social media these days those can’t allow us to focus to improve our productivity with the above points.

As a web developer and team member, my nature is to understand everything from the root. First, I am going to explain what is productivity with some maths.

Productivity is defined as the efficient use of resources, labor, capital, land, materials, energy, information.

Higher productivity means achieving higher output in terms of volume and quality from the same input.

This is usually expressed as

Output/ Input = Productivity.


One biscuits manufacture company produce 30000 units in the month. On the basis of 30 employees. Normally they work for 8 hours a day.

Let’s calculate

Total time spent by worker is 30 employee * 8 hours = 240
Total working days = 5 days in week * 4 weeks in month = 20 days
Input hours will be = 240 * 20 = 4800
30000/4800 = 6.25 unit per employee

Why we need to improve productivity

1. Level up in
In terms of Job position or Knowledge
2. Appraisals
4. Value of Yourself
In terms of Money and Demand in the market

A problem to calculate productivity in IT

We do not work in units

In the IT field, we did not produce any units.
So first step our formula gets invalid

We do not repeat the same task daily.

As we do not produce any unit. so we don’t work on the same task daily.
Except for some pending task which we need to complete tomorrow. ?

Output is not fixed all the time.

We create or generate output as based on requirement and as we all know in IT field requirement changes every day as requirement changed you have to change your output.
Again at this point, our formula get invalid

Unable to get the total time.

Total time spent while creating one function it’s not as you estimate for it.
As we have calculated productivity in above example somehow we can not improve major in our IT field.
People not able to get paid as they deserved or expected, Just because that formula does not work in our IT field.
I am going to tell some points which you can easily implement in your daily routine to improve your productivity.

Improve your Skills

Let me tell you one small story about this.

There was one woodcutter in the jungle, He was trying to cut a tree but after putting a lot of efforts he was not getting that cut. One woodcutter saw this and suggested him to sharpen his Axe to cut that tree quickly. First man replied I don’t have time to sharpen my Axe right now.
In this story that Tree represents our Task and Axe is our Skills if you have better skills you will get your quickly finish your task.
And day by day you will reduce the time which requires to finish that task.


If I ask you Why we have added middle and surname in our name?

surely you will reply to me for clarification that who you are.

You can not go anywhere if you don’t know how to reach there. I experienced that work gets delayed just because of a lack of understanding.

You should have a very good understanding of what you have to create.

Some people won’t get clarity just because of fear or laziness. You have to understand that the manager/client has work to explain millions times if you do not understand the task.


After taking a very good understanding of our task we should plan that task properly.

Here I am not talking about project plans and deliveries staff. if we want to improve our productivity so we have to plan our task.

Once you get a task please DO NOT START, first write down steps that you want to do. Then priorities task as per complexity.

If you are starting your task in middle days start working descending order. Yes in descending order This will boost your confidence to archive complex tasks.


Plan your task at least one day prior.
Try to start complex task 1st in the morning.
write the task in the notebook instead of the computer.

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