Cloud Based Services

Cloud Solutions Overview

The move to digital transformation requires the implementation of emerging technologies like cloud computing in order to serve the customer better and faster. Cloud-enabled solutions have become a catalyst for digital transformation that is driving organizations to better manage their administration, streamline critical operations, optimize costs, improve productivity, mitigate risks, and enhance the customer experience. Without the cloud, a company’s ability to process data about customers and its own operations remains restricted.

Fueled with innovation and driven by a passion to deliver best-in-class IT solutions, Edge Corporation enables organizations to become more agile and responsive to the increasing expectations of the customers.

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Five components of Cloud Computing:

Whether it is AWS or Microsoft Azure or GCP, we empower organizations in their digital transformation journey by offering full-stack cloud computing solutions. Leveraging our expertise in optimizing your software solutions will enable you to effectively move to the cloud, saving both your time and money.

Cloud computing solutions will significantly reduce the role of manual maintenance, increase productivity and make your organization more efficient. Our adroit team effectively combines the strengths of the current cloud transformation trends to make your future operations secure, flexible and reliable.

Our cloud solutions will enable your organization to operate at an unprecedented speed and discover new revenue streams, which is today’s urgent business essential. Get ready to scale your business by adopting new cloud capabilities into your daily operations.

Cloud Computing


Articulating and understanding the business objectives


Analyzing the allocations of the resources


Selecting and designing the right cloud platform


Implementing the right cloud security best practices


Moving the data to the cloud in a secure & efficient manner

Three main advantages of cloud computing:

Cloud infrastructure allows numerous people to collaborate and communicate at the same level with equal hierarchy authorities. Different team members can work parallel with other teams and have access to the same data at any given time.

Cloud offers businesses more flexibility by allowing them to scale services as per their needs and access the data even from any remote location. It gives you the freedom to pair the right solution with the right job and accomplish the daily tasks quickly and faster.

Since the cloud is scalable and uses remote resources, you can easily scale up or scale down the services depending on your requirements without having to invest in extra hardware and maintenance costs.

Why choose Edge Corporation for Cloud services?

Every business needs a cloud to stay competitive in the changing digital landscape. As a cloud computing expert, we help you migrate and accelerate your cloud transformation by delivering unmatched services. Leveraging the right cloud solutions will help you achieve the following:

  • Boost productivity by enabling real-time sharing of the data
  • Collaborative workforce across the organization
  • Increased security of company’s data and information assets
  • Rapid scalability to deliver value faster to the customers