7 months ago
Full Time, Permanent

Scrum Master

Experience: 8+ Years

As a leading member on the scrum team, the Scrum Master will be responsible for facilitating all SCRUM rituals, including:

  • Daily Standups,
  • Sprint Grooming,
  • Estimation Sessions,
  • Sprint Planning,
  • Retrospectives.

The Scrum Master will be responsible for ensuring that all content being translated into our project management tool, JIRA, aligns to our standard breakdown of Epics, Stories, Tasks & Bugs and that each ticket is well defined, clearly written, properly estimated and includes all relevant artifacts required for the team to deliver against.

The Scrum Master will be responsible for collaborating with other scrum masters to gain a full understanding of the platform being developed on and the common services and UI components that can be of value for the team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Cross-team knowledge sharing will be a vital part of the role therefore, being able to build strong relationships and channels of communication with other team members will be required.
  • The Scrum Master will be required at times to challenge the team on their estimation values so as to gain a deeper understanding of the product from a business, design and technical perspective.
  • Support the team in building a trusting and respectful environment where issues can be discussed openly and in a calm and friendly way.
  • Facilitate all reporting on scrum health and help to identify key learnings and areas of improvement.
  • The Scrum Master will help the team in becoming self-organized and support them in aligning to the 12 principles of agile.

Technical Skills:

  • Must be Scrum Certified and have at least 3 years of prior experience as a Scrum Master on a software development project and should be fully familiar with the complete software development lifecycle.
  • Display strong communication skills and be comfortable in dealing with conflict resolution to facilitate continuous improvement and empowerment.
  • Able to manage dependencies and mitigate them and support the team to accomplish sprint goal.
  • The Scrum Master will be familiar with Continuous Integration, Continuous delivery, TDD, BDD, Pair Programming.

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