7 months ago
Full Time, Permanent

Full Stack Developer

Experience: 4+ Years Experience in Nodejs, React js & Redux

Skill Set:

– Javascript / CSS / HTML
– React
– Node JS / Express
– Webpack
– MariaDB / MySQL / MongoDB
– OAuth
– PassportJS
– Payment Gateways
– Docker
– API development
– Service Architecture
– Microservices
– Scalability
– Performance
– Mobile first
– Progressive Web Applications
– Unit Testing
– Logging
– Attention to detail


As a full Stack developer you will be responsible for developing across both the front end and the back end of the application.

You will be responsible for verifying merge requests and ensuring that the development is following best practices and adhering to our internal security, performance & styling guidelines.

You will be required to develop our backend node js services, defining what data will be made available and how it will be consumed.

You will also be required to develop until tests against your services and ensure that they are maintained to a high standard.

You will require a proven ability to develop against SOAP based interfaces along with REST based interfaces.

You will be required to help, develop and maintain our service monitoring including reporting, logging and dash boarding of vital services.

You will require an ability to tune for performance and resiliency across our various services.

You will be required to develop and maintain efficient database and queries.

You will also be responsible for documenting your services and ensuring that blueprints are made available for the front end to develop against while the services are being developed.

You will require clear communication skills and an ability to work well with other team members

You shall be assigned with reasonable duties and responsibilities, which may vary as per the requirements of the company.

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