7 months ago
Full Time, Permanent

Tech Lead – Development

Experience: 8+ Years

Skill Set:

– Javascript / CSS / HTML
– React
– Node JS / Express
– Webpack
– MariaDB / MySQL
– Docker
– OAuth
– PassportJS
– Payment Gateways
– Service Architecture
– Performance
– Mobile first
– Progressive Web Applications
– Unit Testing
– Logging
– DB Admin skills
– CI, Gitlab, Jenkins, Circle
– Attention to detail
– API design
– Microservices
– Scalability


As a lead developer you will be responsible for managing a team of developers across both the front end and the back end of the application. You will be responsible for verifying merge requests and ensuring that the development is following best practises and adhering to our internal security, performance & styling guidelines. You will be a required to scope feature requests as per the teams ability and for ensuring that the workload is shared evenly across the team and catering to the teams individual skills and abilities. You will also be required to ensure that the test coverage is being tracked and maintained to a high standard. You will be required to work closely with the dev ops team to ensure that we are deploying our builds regularly and that the QA team are testing and building regression tests around issues as they are raised. As a tech lead you will be required to guide the development team when necessary and to mentor them on topics that they require help with. You will require a sense of compassion towards the team and clear communication skills so that the team remain motivated during times of pressure and against tight deadlines.

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